It's hilarious that Democrat Congressman Charlie Rangel can't obey the laws he wrote himself. Not just won't, but apparently can't.

Rangel in September said he would hire a "forensic accountant" (think: "CSI: Charlie") to untangle a 20-year morass of tax returns and to determine just how much money he's made and how much in unpaid taxes he may still owe.

(Reminder: Rangel's committee writes the nation's tax laws.)

But as The Post's Isabel Vincent reported, two months later Rangel's lawyers claim they can't locate a single qualified firm that hasn't contributed to Rangel's campaigns or has no pending business before Ways & Means.

If Rangel were a Republican he would have been laughed out of office long ago. (He, Chris Dodd, and Barney Frank would three to start with. Tar and feathers.)

Here's an idea: how about a tax system that people can actually understand and obey?

(HT: JB.)

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