David Harsanyi has an absolutely brilliant take on the righteousness of self-interest and the right to the "pursuit of happiness" we celebrate on Independence Day.

What we definitely "must" be is selfless — like Obama, who often recounts his own righteous journey. Spurning high-paying gigs on Wall Street, Obama hit the Chicago pavement as a crusading community organizer . . . and then, in meticulous detail, wrote a book about his awesome sacrifice and raked in millions.

Obama claims this experience also opened his eyes to a "citizenship that was meaningful." (Unlike yours.) Imagine if everyone wanted a "meaningful" job? Who would support these quixotic crusaders? Doesn't someone need to produce wealth?

One could easily argue, in fact, that a reviled Chicago commodities trader — one who churns investments, creates jobs and pays exorbitant taxes (to allow "public" service to exist) — is more beneficial for society than an organizer.

Still, Obama has stated that public service will be the "central cause" of his presidency.

As Harsanyi points out, America would probably be a better place if we had more people with jobs and fewer "community organizers".

(HT: Instapundit.)

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