It looks to me like China is in the process of colonizing the third world.

And so on. Along with all the money, China is pouring millions of Chinese workers into the Third World. There are 50% more Chinese than there are Africans, and it looks like China has a long-term goal of moving into Africa and taking it over with a civilian army.

Unlike European colonialism in which the colonizers sent a small contingent of soldiers and businessmen to exploit the natives, the Chinese are sending millions of workers all over the world not just to exploit, but to simply move in and replace. There's no doubt that the People's Republican Army will protect the safety and security of Chinese expatriates with force when necessary.

China has plenty of people, but lacks land and natural resources. Africa has bountiful supplies of both, and dysfunctional governments that can be easily bought and controlled. China won't need to actually annex African nations if it can just install proxy governments and substantial ethnic Chinese minorities.

If someone else has already brought these points together into a cohesive report I'd like to read it.

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