Woopty-doo, a new poll shows that "the world's" opinion of America is improving.

Attitudes to the United States are improving, an opinion poll carried out for the BBC World Service suggests.

The average percentage of people saying that the US has a positive influence has risen to 35% from 31% a year ago, according to the survey.

Those saying the US has a negative influence fell five percentage points to 47%.

The poll, part of a regular survey of world opinion, interviewed more than 17,000 people in 34 countries.

Wouldn't the interpretation of these results depend heavily on which countries were polled? That list isn't given in the article. I bet if you asked 34 Muslim countries America would fare pretty poorly. By mixing friends and enemies together, the aggregate results of this poll are nonsensical. I suppose it could be useful to measure what our friends and allies think of us, but shouldn't we be trying to piss off the tyrants and thugs of the world?

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