Ann Althouse berates those of us who jumped on the "abortion art" bandwagon, calling it an obvious hoax. I'm chagrined, and promise to be more skeptical in the future... maybe I'm overly cynical? Maybe I'm too quick to believe the worst about my ideological enemies. Anyway, Ms. Althouse puts this buffoon in her proper place:

Ambiguity surrounding form and function of a woman's body... So that's what passes as insight at Yale these days? If I was going to get livid and horrified about something it would be that a great university sucks so many young women into the into the intellectual graveyard of Women's Studies. Think what these women could be studying instead of this endlessly recycled drivel. If you care about women's bodies, study science and help us with the limitations of the body. But to imagine you are helping us by restating meager platitudes is just very sad.

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