British men, who once ruled the world, are now whining about feeling emasculated.

Asked what it meant to be a man in the 21st century, more than half thought society was turning them into "waxed and coiffed metrosexuals", and 52 per cent say they had to live according to women's rules.

What they apparently want is what some American academics have dubbed a "menaissance" - a return to manliness, where figures such as Sir Winston Churchill were models of manhood. ...

Men said they "felt handcuffed" by political correctness - only 33 per cent felt they could speak freely and say what they thought, whereas two thirds found it safer and to conceal their opinions.

Men have the power to reverse this trend by simple force-of-will. If men would stop responding negatively to other men who say politically incorrect things, the whole charade would quickly disintegrate. Sure, we'd get clucked at by women, but c'mon. We're stronger, smarter, and control the vast majority of the world's wealth. If our only response to the feminization of society is to whine, then dude, the game is over.

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