Wow, Hillary has won in Texas and Ohio. The Democrats' primary is going all the way to the convention. I love this stuff. This is shaping up to be one of the most exciting election years ever!

Even though Obama is leading in delegates, it's interesting to consider how the Democrats' primary would be shaping up if they selected a nominee using the Electoral College. Using 270ToWin and the primary/caucus victories that Hillary and Obama have already racked up, I calculate that Hillary would have 263 electoral votes to Obama's 193.

Hillary's substantial (hypothetical) electoral college edge is due to her victories in all the high-population states. The largest state Obama has won is Illinois with 21 electoral votes, but Hillary has won California (55), Texas (34), New York (31), Florida (27), and Ohio (20).

The Democrats' system for awarding delegates in their primary is almost the exact opposite of the winner-takes-all Electoral College. I wonder if it will produce another nominee who can win the "popular vote" without actually winning the presidency?

(Side note: Why doesn't 270ToWin have a way to create a link to a page with a certain configuration of states? That would be nice.)

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