Only in California would an "environmentalist" fight to have redwoods cut down for casting shade on his solar panels.

Richard Treanor and Carolynn Bissett own a Prius and consider themselves environmentalists. But they refuse to cut down any of the trees behind their house on Benton Street, saying they've done nothing wrong.

"We're just living here in peace. We want to be left alone," said Bissett, who with her husband has spent $25,000 defending themselves against criminal charges. "We support solar power, but we thought common sense would prevail."

Their neighbor Mark Vargas considers himself an environmentalist, too. His 10-kilowatt solar system, which he installed in 2001, is so big he pays only about $60 a year in electrical bills. He drives an electric car.

It's obvious that Vargas cares more about the money his solar panels save him personally than about the environment in general. And obviously anyone who drives a Prius cares more about looking environmentally-conscious than actually being so. What a ridiculous situation, but that's what happens when your religion is ridiculous.

(HT: Environmental Republican, Instapundit.)

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