I had a dream last night that I was at Disneyland, and in my dream there was a children's maze-like attraction with a haunted/pirate theme similar to Pirates of the Caribbean meets Haunted Mansion meets Tom Sawyer's Island. Despite the elaborate decorations, my dream-self considered the attraction to be pretty boring and designed just for kids. The maze was too simple to be interesting, and once you did it there was no replay value.

But then, as I was walking through the maze I noticed a kid go through a door that I had thought was merely a decoration nailed to the wall. I followed him and discovered that in addition to the simple maze all the kids saw, there was a whole labyrinth of secret rooms that most people never knew about! In order to get access to the various rooms you had to solve puzzles hidden throughout the park. Naturally this made the attraction a lot more interesting, and I spent the rest of my dream running around Disneyland and exploring the secrets of the maze. It was a pretty awesome dream.

Does anyone else ever dream up challenges for themselves? I love puzzles and exploration, so this kind of dream was right up my alley. I can't recall hearing about dreams like this from other people though... most stereotypical "good" dreams are more result-oriented.

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