In response to my recent post about the "silver tsunami" of Social Security, a reader sent in this story (slightly edited):

I like reading your site, but one thing you have to know is that investments can disappear faster than you can say Ala Kazam, in family court. I don't have a PhD. Just a Journeyman's Card as a Toolmaker that I parlayed into a $180,000 salary in 1998. Married 34 years, having put my daughter and wife through college, with $350,000 in the bank I thought I was in good shape when I got laid off at the ripe old age of 56. That was when my bride left and I could not find a job at half the salary. Taking a position at $62,000 during my divorce was a big mistake because it established my alimony at $1,300 per month. The court gave my CPA ex-wife all my IRA, all my 401k and another $40,000 for good measure. Two weeks after 9/11, I was laid off again and have not worked a steady job since. Sure I fought it, to the tune of $50,000 in lawyer fees before I filed bankruptcy. Now I'm living on $1,568 per month from Social Security. So much for saving for the future. I don't like the SS system either, but until the family court starts seeing women with advanced degrees as able to support themselves, I'm glad to see that check each month.

I then asked him whether or not Social Security payments can be taken as alimony.

Yes, SS can be taken. As soon as my bankruptcy was final last spring the "Friend of the Court" notified me that they were investigating my ability to pay. After two court hearings in which they advocated for my paying this CPA ex of mine, I was able to show my income as being low and the Ex signed a stipulation that nobody has to pay in July. The FOC has still not closed the file. You can check out Nathanson and Young for an explanation of how men are being treated and why you are amazed. Most men don't know, but they have a feeling that something is wrong. Young men are not very excited about getting married.

BTW, I'm now married to a Russia woman with 2 PhD's. She is not corrupted with the misandry of the west, but she believes in equality. She said that Stalin told the women they were equal "So, get off your butt and get to work!"

I don't have much to add to that.

Yesterday was Jessica's and my second anniversary, and I love her with everything I've got in me. I pray for God's grace that we never end up like that.

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