Ok, so you're on the new OJury and need to make a decision about his current case. Let's say that all the evidence suggests to you that OJ did everything that's alleged, but there's no proof beyond a reasonable doubt that there were guns present, and the items being "stolen" may have actually belonged to the Juice. You're also pretty confident that a different defendant in similar circumstances would have been prosecuted very differently, and in particular the kidnapping charges seem to you like overreaching.


What's your vote as an OJ juror?
Acquit on all charges -- the Juice must be loose!
Convict only on charges you believe were proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
Convict on any charges you think are likely to be true based on the evidence before you.
Convict on all charges regardless of evidence as a form of delayed justice for the murders he committed 13 years ago.
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