The World Gospel Mission missionary group is looking for virtual missionaries to share Christianity in the Second Life game/community. From their email:

World Gospel Mission (WGM) has developed nearly 100 years of experience in the mission field by evangelizing the world beginning in China in 1910 and today has 300 missionaries and support staff serving on six continents and in more than 17 countries. And now WGM is the first to use this extraordinary missionary expertise to evangelize the “Virtual World.” WGM is the first to develop a comprehensive training manual, “Ambassadors to LindenLand Handbook,” to equip missionaries to evangelize “Second Life,” a 3-D virtual world inhabited by over 8.3 million residents from around the world. Second Life has grown into a prosperous online community where goods are bought and sold, people meet people, and members can even build their own houses. But, what about the spiritual aspects of the virtual world? Hubert Harriman, president of WGM, is available to discuss the challenges and the successes of evangelizing cyberspace as it relates to “Second Life.” Harriman can answer the following intriguing questions: How did you determine a need to evangelize cyberspace? How many missionaries do you have at Second Life? How do you train missionaries to evangelize online without getting caught up in the pitfalls of the online culture? Have you ever had any conversions to Christ online and how do you know they are real? What are your plans with Second Life? Do you intend to build an online church and hold services? What is the future of such online communities as they relate to missions work?

Interesting endeavor! (I know nothing about WGM's theology.)

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