This story from the UK makes me shudder: apparently the eurocrats are planning to force the European Union constitution on their citizens subjects and bypass the required referendum altogether. If the plebeians won't vote how you want, then why bother with voting at all?

TONY Blair wants to hand the European Union radical new powers in his last act as Prime Minister, it emerged today.

The Prime Minister has welcomed controversial plans to bring back the troubled EU constitution by the back door - totally bypassing the need for public referendums on sweeping new powers for Brussels.

German chancellor Angela Merkel has suggested ditching the name "constitution" from the title and instead calling it an "amending treaty" - to avoid having to seek the approval of voters.

French and Dutch voters rejected the original plan - which would hand Brussels the power to represent individual countries at the UN and change national laws - two years ago.

I'm sure American Democrats are salivating.

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