I don't understand why the agricultural industry -- dominated by giant, well-organized corporations -- gets what is in effect free government insurance against damage to their business.

Agricultural Disaster Assistance Appropriations Act On Passage 05/10/2007 House Roll Call No. 336 110th Congress, 1st Session

Passed: 302-120 (see complete tally)

This House bill would provide $3.5 billion to farmers who lost crops or livestock due to weather-related events during fiscal years 2005 through 2007. Farmers who lost 35 percent of their crops or livestock producers located in counties where the Agriculture Department declared a natural disaster would be eligible for relief.

Why can't farms buy insurance in the private market like everyone else? Is there something special about the agricultural industry that prevents them from buying insurance and passing the costs on to their customers? Considering every other similar circumstance, it's hard to believe that the private sector couldn't handle this much more efficiently.

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