I was wrong, Wolfowitz shouldn't resign.

I've long been a fan of Paul Wolfowitz and I think he's done a generally good job managing the World Bank, but having admitted to using bank resources to reward his girlfriend it's clearly time for him to resign. It's a really unfortunate situation and a loss for the world, but this sort of lapse in judgment is significant, even by public figures I quite like.

Paul Wolfowitz was under pressure to resign as president of the World Bank on Thursday after admitting he was personally involved in securing a large pay rise and promotion for a Bank official with whom he was romantically involved.

The Bank president issued a public apology, saying: “I made a mistake for which I am sorry”.

The apology came after the Financial Times revealed that Mr Wolfowitz ordered the World Bank’s head of human resources to offer Shaha Riza the pay rise and promotion as part of a secondment package.

I wasn't familiar with the world secondment before having read this article, so, bonus.

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