Geeks of Doom has a tax day tribute to Louis Tully, one of the silver screen's most dedicated tax professionals.

For his four-year anniversary as an accountant, Louis celebrates by throwing a party complete with Nova Scotia lox and Brie cheese kept at room temperature and as well as breakdancing, Twister, and Parcheesi. Being the clever tax man that he is, Louis invites not friends, but clients to the gathering so that he can write off the event as a promotional expense.

Unfortunately, his clever tax deduction gets crashed by Vinz Clorthos the Keymaster, a minion of the shapeshifting god Gozer, who while in Terror Dog form possesses the unsuspecting Louis. On the bright side, the possessed Louis finally gets some real action from Dana, who’s equally possessed by another Gozer minon Zuul, the Gatekeeper.

(HT: RD.)

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