Scooter Libby probably did lie to prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald during the course of the Valerie Plame investigation, but his convictions for perjury and obstruction of justice are not particularly just. Fiztgerald knew from the beginning of the investigation that no crime had been committed when Plame's name was leaked, and he should have closed his investigation right then rather than continuing for almost four years. Libby shouldn't have lied, but the investigators he lied to were pursuing what they knew to be a non-crime.


Ann Coulter -- whatever you may think of her biting sense of humor -- has posted an enraging catalogue of legal persecutions of Republicans alongside Democrats who get away with far worse.

Since Teddy Kennedy walked away from a dead girl with only a wrist slap (which was knocked down to a mild talking-to, plus time served: zero), Democrats have apparently become a protected class in America, immune from criminal prosecution no matter what they do.

As a result, Democrats have run wild, accepting bribes, destroying classified information, lying under oath, molesting interns, driving under the influence, obstructing justice and engaging in sex with underage girls, among other things.

Meanwhile, conservatives of any importance constantly have to spend millions of dollars defending themselves from utterly frivolous criminal prosecutions. Everything is illegal, but only Republicans get prosecuted.

Read the list. Be convinced.

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