I suppose Presidents Day should be a celebration of the leaders who have directed our country over the centuries, but to me it just highlights the weakness of our new Democrat majority in Congress. The modern Left has never known boldness of action, resolve in the face of setback or -- God forbid -- contrary poll numbers, or a passionate reverence for the American citizen. The generation of Leftists who matured in the 60s is the foundation for perhaps both the most pathetic and the most dangerous cohort of politicians America has ever known.

The mediocre success in Iraq is the pinnacle of President Bush's originally bold foreign policy to protect America in an age of Islamofascism, but the continual nay-saying and self-flagellation of the Left has slowly bled the will to win from the American people. Thanks to the relentless repetition of "Iraq is Vietnam!" the Left is finally getting its wish and making it so. Just as Congress defeated the American military in that war, the new Democrat majority is hamstringing our soldiers in Iraq and ensuring their eventual withdrawal in disgrace and defeat. It's easy to imagine George Washington and Abraham Lincoln rolling over in their graves.

Bush himself has certainly made enough mistakes during the past six years to deserve criticism of his own, but at least he's trying to make America secure and prosperous. I don't have much more to say on the matter, because it grows so tiresome to continually point out the sedition and cowardice of the Left. The spineless "non-binding resolution" that the House passed last Friday is a perfect illustration of the Democrat's uselessness. They inched to victory last November by promising to "end" the military action in Iraq, but instead of defunding the military and forcing the President to bring them home they could only muster the courage to make an empty gesture. If I had voted for a Democrat last year I'd be incredibly angry: the resolution won't bring the troops home any sooner, but will undermine their morale and embolden our enemies, thereby increasing the loss of life. As usual with the Left, they made a way to get the worst of both worlds.

Sometimes I get scared that I take politics too seriously. Am I off my rocker to consider Democrats evil for their resolution? Maybe I should look at it like most of our politicians apparently do: it's just a game! Let's see who compromises and twists enough to trick the voters into electing them in 2008! Woo!


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