Lifehacker points to a near service called Celltrade that lets you transfer your cell service contract to someone else for a nominal fee.

So you want an iPhone when it ships in June (who doesn't?), but you're locked into a contract with your current provider. Try Celltrade, a service that helps you transfer your contract responsibility to someone else and effectively walk away without paying a hefty penalty.

All you do is set up a profile listing details about your provider, contract, phone, accessories and any incentives you care to add. Then you wait to be contacted by a Celltrade user who wants to take over your contract.

In other words, it's a matchmaking service. The actual transfer of contract responsibility, with all its required credit approvals and completion of forms, is handled by you and the other party. Plus, Celltrade charges $19.99 to actually connect you with interested parties (though you can gauge interest in your plan before paying anything).

Sounds like an interesting system, especially since my wife is trying to drop her plan so we can get onto the same provider.

(HT: Reader JV.)



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