Other than most traffic enforcement, it's hard to imagine a bigger waste of time than setting up sting operations for prostitutes and their clients. The whole idea seems especially absurd to me considering that if the sex workers were paid to make pornographic movies they'd be completely ignored by law enforcement and protected by case law.

Rented furnishings and hidden cameras were among the props Seattle police vice detectives used to arrest 104 men who showed up at a ritzy downtown condo in the past two weeks expecting to pay for sex.

Nearly three-fourths of the men who were arrested on suspicion of patronizing a prostitute responded to postings in the "erotic services" category on craigslist, the free online community where people can search for apartments, jobs, used cars, friends and dates. The rest answered escort ads found in the back pages of The Stranger and Seattle Weekly.

"We wanted to prove craigslist was in fact a vehicle for promoting prostitution," said Lt. Eric Sano, commander of the Seattle Police Department's vice unit.

Escorts and the agencies that represent them have long argued that clients pay only for the companionship of a beautiful woman, Sano said, "but for the most part, that's not how it works."

Duh. Anyway, as I noted before, if the prostitutes simply carried video cameras and claimed to be making pornos they'd be completely safe.



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