It's always distressing to me to see societies grappling with difficult problems and attempting to find a solution, any solution, other than simple morality.

Britain is one of the most promiscuous nations in Europe, and one of the least aware of Aids, a survey suggests today.

More than half of Britons polled did not use extra protection against HIV, and 22 per cent thought Aids could be caught by kissing.

Health campaigners said the growing ignorance was a result of government failure to promote awareness and poor sex education.

The ignorance is pretty surprising, but the only reliable way of preventing the spread of HIV isn't even mentioned in the article.

The Family Planning Association said: "We do not have mandatory sex and relationship education in schools and what does get taught is part of science. But it is not good enough just to talk about biology. Young people need to be taught how to negotiate using a condom."

Is it also possible that they need to be taught not to be promiscuous? It's as if yes, AIDS is bad, but not as bad as advocating monogamy!



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