A South Carolina woman has been arrested for hosting sex and alcohol parties for teenagers, but take careful note of the difference between the complaint against her and the actual charge. Of the father who reported the situation to the police:

Deputies say the investigation began August 14 when a parent said her [sic] daughter had gotten drunk and had her first sexual experience at one of these parties.

"It really scares me that it's not that our kids have to worry about their peers anymore, it's they have to worry about other parents," said Rick Eaton, the father who went to police when he learned about the parties. "From my daughter has told me that Ms. Patricia has taken another woman's child up to get her birth control pills. Her excuse was that these teenagers having sex in her home was out of her control, which is wrong. You've got to have more control in your home than that."

The father here was concerned that his daughter was being given drugs and encouraged to have sex, which is certainly a horrific situation. But what did the police actually arrest 46-year-old Patricia Hartwell for?

"Hartwell's arrest should send a strong message to other adults who provide alcohol and drugs to children in Lexington County," [Sheriff James] Metts said in a written release. "We have zero tolerance in Lexington County for the transfer of alcohol to minors, and adults who provide alcohol to children will be vigorously investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed under South Carolina law."

Apparently Hartwell would have been in the clear if she'd restricted her parties to sex and drugs! Personally, I find it far more disturbing that young kids are being encouraged to have sex and take birth control than that they're drinking alcohol. There's no doubt that drinking is a serious problem for some teens and adults, but c'mon, it's obvious that the sexual aspect of this situation was by far the most harmful. Unfortunately, one of the legacies of the abortion industry is teenage sexual promiscuity (it's good for business!), and there aren't many ways left to legally restrain it.



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