A new study has proven once and for all that left-handers are better.

College-educated left-handed men earn almost 15 percent more on average than similarly educated right-handed men, according to a recent study. ...

The college-educated-lefties-are-richer finding isn't what the economists expected when they started looking at data from a decades-long study that has followed 5,000 men and women since 1979. They had suspected that hiring discrimination, right-handed machinery and other factors might lead to left-handed people making less than their right-handed peers.

"Surprisingly, it turns out that left-handedness leads to increased income amongst educated males," said Christopher S. Roebuck, an economist at Lafayette College in Easton, Pa., and one of the study's three co-authors. ...

The frustrating part of the study -- for readers and researchers -- is that no one's sure why college-educated left-handed men make more than right-handed peers. Or why there's no similar correlation for women.

"We do not have a theory that reconciles these findings," Roebuck said.

Not being left-handed himself, Professor Roebuck misses the obvious truth: left-handed people are simply extraordinary.

Specialists calculated that every tenth human being is left-handed. ... Latest research works conducted in many countries of the globe showed that the IQ level of left-handed people is higher in comparison with the one of right-handed individuals. Every fifth outstanding person is left-handed as a rule.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

"There are a lot of extrasensorial individuals among them," doctor of medical sciences, Alexander Lee said. "We checked the supposition. There are hardly any right-handers among those, who have the gift of remote viewing, telepathy, or X-ray viewing," the doctor said.

Right and left-handers are virtually different types of people with their own special mindsets and perception of the world. "They get along with each other perfectly, but there is a hidden evolutionary struggle taking place between them, which reminds the struggle between primeval humans, Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal men. It seems to me that left-handers will eventually win the fight owing to their anomalous abilities," scientist of anomalous phenomena, Pyotr Chereda said.

No doubt.



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