"Argh!" isn't the invective I'm really thinking....

So we're largely moved in to our new home, and yesterday evening we started working a bit on the outdoors. The exterior of the house is very nice, but during the six months the property sat on the market the ivy in the flower beds got way out of control. I'm not sure why anyone would purposefully plant ivy, but now Jessica and I are on a mission to eradicate it all.

I did a 2' x 8' section last night in about an hour, but I left tons of roots behind because I just couldn't get them out of the ground. Pulling by hand sucks, and we're thinking of hiring a crew to pull all the ivy out. However, I'd really prefer a chemical solution, possibly in combination with a roto-tiller machine if I can find an appropriate one.

Does anyone have any good ivy-elimination tips? Here's what I've found so far:

- Use Round-Up in the autumn.

- Removing ivy from trees and bricks.

- Controlling ivy with borax.



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