Ilkka Kokkarinen of Sixteen Volts translates a theory about "the religion of women" originally propounded by Tommi (who is perhaps from Denmark?) (who is Finnish). In part:

The relevant universe consists of two things: Me and World. The World is considered to have a soul and is anthropomorphic: it has thoughts, preferences and motives behind its actions, just like humans do. (Let the World here be one thing for simplicity. It could also be understood, the way it usually is understood, as a complex that consists of many individual actors, but this has no effect on the basic idea.)

The most essential part of both Me and World is the personal experience, that is, emotions. In other words, the subjective experiences of the first person. The basic attitude towards the emotional sphere is utilitarian: negative emotions have a negative sign and the positive ones have a positive sign. The quality of your life is then measured as the sum of these emotions. ...

The success of My emotional life is the World's responsibility. If I don't have a good time, the World is evil and guilty. More precisely, it is mean i.e. hostile. Let me call this the Basic Rule of the ethics of the religion of women.

There's more, and more depth, and I offer it only to solicit further opinions. The comments on Sixteen Volts are interesting, both denigrating the theory and modifying it.



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