Ok, so you're all heard the saga about the house we bought, but didn't, and since all the checks have cleared and we've gotten our money back now, here's the list of people I strongly recommend you don't deal with if you're ever interested in St. Louis real estate.

Dilla Goedert was the "experienced" listing agent for the sellers, and probably the most dishonest. She didn't disclose a lawsuit that directly affects the value of the property, and she pulled the purchase price out of thin air. Before the appraisal came in she repeatedly tried to get us to waive our appraisal contingency, fully aware that the house would appraise for $50,000 below asking. The appraiser was so disturbed by Dilla's behavior that she wrote a letter to Dilla's boss. Dilla also apparently lied to us about having an "all cash" backup offer that prevented her from lowering the price of the house down to the appraisal value; since the house is still on the market and there's an open house tomorrow, I'm assuming the all cash offer never existed. I hope Coldwell Banker Gundaker takes some disciplinary action against her.

Then there's Barbie Porter and her husband Bruce. Bruce owns Quality Renovations (no website), the company that bought the house and renovated it. The renovations acctually looked like they were well-done, despite being a little on the cheap side. Unfortunately for the Porters, they put too much money into 5 Berkshire Dr. and now need to sell it for far more than it will appraise for just to break even. That's a shame, but don't be the one to buy their mistake! The Porters weren't dishonest in my interactions with them, but they hid behind Dilla so there's no real way for me to know.



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