If we're doomed to a Senate filled with senior citizens, let's at least get some new old folks in there, like Willie Brown from my new home of St. Louis?

Willie Brown said he thought he was back in a foxhole in Korea on Thursday morning when a burglar stood at the door to Brown's bedroom.

"He said, 'I got a knife, don't move,'" Brown recalled.

"I reached behind my back and whipped my gun from under my pillow and said, 'Take this .38,' and I blasted him."

The man, wounded, uttered "Whoops," Brown said, and fled down the stairs. Brown pursued, and fired a second shot, striking the intruder as he jumped through a broken window.

That's the kind of old guy we need in the Senate.

(HT: My wife, DeoDuce, told me about the old guy in St. Louis! I didn't mention it before because I feel that we're so at one with each other that it wasn't necessary.)



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