Aside from never being able to spell "deodorant" correctly, I'm further bewildered by all the flavors of deodorant available. There are so many scents, and most of the names are totally nonsensical. At least "pine fresh" cleaning solution, for example, smells like a real thing: pine. I'm not sure what to make of deodorant names like:

  • Arctic Force: Yoda in the Ice Age?
  • Pure Sport: Isn't the smell of "sport" what we're trying to eliminate?
  • Metallic Ice: Finally, the smells of metal and ice, together at last!
  • Fresh Fusion: Better than the old stinky fusion you're used to.
  • Avalanche: What, not "Savannah Avalanche"? You need an adjective!
  • Sparkling Dinoanus: Ok, I made this one up, but you almost believed it.



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