Lost in my doldrums I almost forgot that today, February 2, 2006, is the first evan day in over a year! 2/2/2006 is "even" because all the digits in the date are even, and the previous even day was therefore 8/28/2004. The last odd date was 11/29/1999 11/19/1999, and there won't be another odd day till I start collecting Social Security on 1/1/3111!

Definitions of odd and even days differ. Some people count whole numbers rather than digits, in which case the most recent even day other than today was 12/30/2004. Some people use digits but prefer to discard the millenium and century numerals because using them drastically reduces the number of interesting dates, in which case the next odd day will be 1/1/07, or possibly 1/1/11.



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