I watched Current TV this morning while working out, and I must admit that I found it rather entertaining. I had time to watch three of what they call "pods" -- five- to seven-minute segments, each independently produced, self-contained, and focused on a specific topic.

The first pod I saw was about emerging hip-hop artists in Sierra Leon, which Current called "the world's worst country". The producer of the pod toured ramshackle music studios and night clubs in Freetown and introduced us to two of Sierra Leon's most popular performers, both of whom spoke reasonable English and explained that hip-hop in their country isn't about gangsters and bling, but about surviving in a country ravaged by war, disease, and almost total unemployment.

Next up was a pod about Parisian David Belle, pioneer of "parkour", an urban sport that consists mainly of climbing up, over, and around all sorts of city obstacles such as buildings, fences, and statues. Mr. Belle did backflips off rooftops onto cinderblock walls and climbed up sheer concrete, and it was pretty cool to watch. He ended with a cheesy bit about how parkour is a methaphor for overcoming obstacles in one's personal life, but whatever.

Finally I saw a pod about "spirituality" featuring Deepak Chopra and his perspective on making decisions. To paraphrase: just do whatever will make you and those around you happy. That's useful. Anyway, I wonder if they'd let a Christian present a pod about spirituality?

Meanwhile, what was Fox News showing? Thirty minutes of sub-speed-limit car chase. Yawn.



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