Reader JV sends along a couple of tips for in the bedroom that should come in particularly handy since I'm getting married in a couple of months. First up, "Group Theory in the Bedroom -- the mathematics of mattress flipping.

Having run out of sheep the other night, I found myself counting the ways to flip a mattress. Earlier that day I had flipped the very mattress on which I was not sleeping, and the chore had left a residue of puzzled discontent. If you're going to bother at all with such a fussbudget bit of housekeeping, it seems like you ought to do it right, rotating the mattress to a different position each time, so as to pound down the lumps and fill in the sags on all the various surfaces. The trouble is, in the long interval between flips I always forget which way I flipped it last time. Lying awake that night, I was turning the problem over in my head, searching for a golden rule of mattress flipping.

The perfect article for someone who loves math but likes lying in bed even more!

Secondly, from Target of Australia, how to fold a fitted sheet perfectly every time. I actually discovered this method on my own because I'm a genius, but I'm sure it'll come in handy for people with less advanced skills under the sheets. The secret is to gently position the sheet into the proper position and then give it a nice hard tuck.

(HT: GeekPress and Lifehacker.)



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