I don't post a lot of tests, but why not? It's Friday. Here's a Geek Test that my mom sent me that mostly only caught my interest because it contains a question about a +2 sword. There are lots of different kinds of "geeks", and this test is aimed at what it calls "true" geeks -- that is, computer geeks.

On a broader note, I think it's a good thing for the youth these days to have conformity de-emphasized. When I was in high school -- ten years ago? geesh -- the defining characteristic of geekiness (indifference to the approval of others) wasn't very well respected. Sure, it was cool to say you didn't care, but if you actually failed to conform there were social repercussions. I can remember the futility of trying to explain ICQ and instant messaging to friends who didn't even have computers; they didn't get it, and thought typing messages to people through a computer was pretty dumb. I get the impression that's not so much the case anymore, which is good.

Ultimately, we all want to be geeks of some sort, of whatever we're into, and it's great that the social pendulum has swung in the other way for now. I'm sure the trend will reverse towards conformity again at some point, but the internet is just so darn useful and new that it's impossible to look down on the mentality that made it possible. Once the net is fully assimilated into our culture, it will no longer be associated with geekiness.



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