This topic may relate only peripherally to Howard Dean's spirituality, but I think it reveals a lot about his character. Apparently the good Doctor Governor Chairman is using his name to hawk Visa credit cards that donate their 1% rebate to the DNC.

Howard Dean wrote a personal letter to my girlfriend this week. It started, "Dear Heather..." and ended "Governor Howard Dean, M.D., Chariman, DNC" He even included a post script reminder that said, "Don't forget to check the box below to donate your 1% rebate to help the Democratic National Committee."

Now, I use credit cards, and I'm in favor of free enterprise, but it cannot be denied that easy, misused credit is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for poor Americans, and that credit cards make most of their money from people who make purchases with money they don't have. I hardly think it's in the best interests of most Democrats to get yet another credit card. Although I certainly think credit cards should exist, they need to be used responsibly, and I'm uncomfortable with the idea of pushing them on people. The Bible teaches about usury, and credit card companies have possibly one of the least moral legal business plans I can think of.

It's too bad that, despite his tactics, Howard Dean isn't raising much money.



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