This statement about terrorism by Tom Brokaw on the occasion of his retirement is astonishing to me:

His greatest regret was not covering international terrorism as thoroughly as he possibly could have before 9/11.

"I wish that we had done a better job in dealing with terrorism at an earlier stage," he says. "There were signs aplenty out there, attacks on embassies, the [warship] U.S.S. Cole, the Khobar Towers [in Saudi Arabia] — all those things. But we didn't connect the dots the way we should have."

I mean... yeah, you should have! And so should have our leaders in government, and so should have a lot of people who could have made a difference if they had been paying closer attention.

Mr. Brokaw's lapse was minor compared to the neglect of earlier Presidential administrations (from Reagan on forward), but he's the first person I've seen actually apologize. Ultimately the terrorists bear the full burden of responsibility, but there are plenty of people who had the power to forsee and possibly prevent the attacks and failed to do so.



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