Last night while waiting for my friends to go look at Christmas lights I met a guy who wanted me to sign a petition asking Governor Arnold to ask President Bush to not open up some federal land to logging and mining and recreation. So we sparred for a while and I nearly convinced him that private owners would manage the land more efficiently than the bloated federal government. I got his email address and just sent him the following:


Here are a couple of interesting articles about logging, forest fires, and how modern "environmentalism" has actually caused a great deal of ecological damage.

Playing with fire
Fire in a healthy forest

The second more directly relates to why there is more forested land in North American now than there ever has been before, but I think the first article is even more interesting in that it addresses the larger issue of proper land management.

The federal government is not a very efficient or smart organization; in general, government at all levels mismanages everything it gets its hands on. Government is a necessary evil in some cases (the DMV
perhaps), but it's usually the worst possible solution to any problem.

Privatizing land gives owners an incentive to take care of their property, and incentive which the government doesn't have, since politicians only care about being re-elected.


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