Interestingly, the more total time I spend in relationships with women,the more slick moves and mad skills I acquire. I suspect that if one were to take a 75-year-old man who'd been married for 50 years and transplant him into a 25-year-old body he'd have all the girls swooning.

For my more experienced (read: older, married) male readers, do you think you've learned anything from your married lives that could be beneficially applied if you went back in time and re-entered the dating scene?

Update 041223 10:53pm
Just to be clear, I'm not asking for advice! I'm asking if you all agree that the experience you've gotten from your relationships has given you insight into women that would make it easier for you to pick up on them if you were single again.

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Michael Williams is seeking dating advice from older, married men.(?) Read More

He claims he's not looking for advice, just confirmation of the fact that the more time he spends in relationships with women, the more "slick moves and mad skills" he acquires. So Michael Williams asks for his older, married readers to confirm or d... Read More



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