Ace writes that the leftist true believers still think their main problem is that they just haven't successfully articulated their message -- they don't realize that we've heard it, and we just don't like it. I figured that Howard Dean's dismal performance in the primaries was the death knell for the extreme left and that John Kerry's loss had sealed the deal, but now it looks like the Dems want to go down with the ship and stick a proven loser like Governor Dean at the head of the DNC. (Maybe it's because the Dems care more about raising money than winning elections?) So it goes -- you'll never go broke overestimating the idiocy of the left.

In my earlier posts about political sea change I indicated that I think we're in for a realignment. It wouldn't surprise me 20 years from now to struggle choosing between a libertarian-ish party on the left and a statist/religious party on the right. How would I vote? It would depend on the election in question, but my pro-life position on abortion would be a deciding factor wherever relevant, as would my hawkish position on national security. Both of those would likely make it difficult for me to embrace a hypothetical libertarian-ish party, despite my aversion to high taxes and government interference.



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