In yet another absurd stunt by environmentalists, the Rainforest Action Network has hijacked a bunch of kids and coerced them into holding signs to protest against the nebulous destruction of rainforests.

NEW YORK — A group of Connecticut second graders was bused to New York last week for a well-publicized protest to save the rainforest. And the field trip has some up in arms.

The kids wielded posters they made in school as part of a contest sponsored by an environmental group called the Rainforest Action Network.

"Today we have rainforest heroes, kids the earth can count on are here today to visit J.P. Morgan Chase (search), the world's second largest bank, to ask them to save the rainforest," said Michael Brune (search), executive director of the network.

Mr. Brune must realize that his loony beliefs have no basis in reality or he wouldn't resort to shallow emotional appeals like kids holding signs. You'll note that this sort of tripe is generally only a tool of the left, pulled out when they can't help but lose arguments in the world of adults.

Does anyone think the 6- and 7-year-olds are actually expressing their own reasoned opinions on deforestation? Or are they simply holding up whatever signs are handed to them and spewing forth whatever slogans pounded into their brains? It's a joke, but a dangerous one.

The irony of using a bus to transport kids to a rally against oil drilling and holding paper signs to protest logging isn't lost on critics who say RAN's propaganda has no place in elementary school.

"I think these kids need to learn how to read, write and do 'rithmetic and think. I think first and second grade is way too young to be brainwashed with any sort of political agenda," said Steve Milloy of CSR Watch, a watchdog group for corporate social responsibility.

Thanks, FoxNews; I bet the irony would have been lost on any other news network. It's a shame the Rainforest Action Network cares more about trees than about kids' futures. Methinks Mr. Brune should spend a little more time watching television and learn from the wisdom of South Park: Rainforest Schmainforest.



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