Two new California blogs are joining the Bear Flag League: Edwonk, three bloggers who write about the intersection of education and politics, and Paragraph Farmer who writes about "politics, religion, and other untamed subjects". Check 'em out.

As for me I'm still here, just a little light on the blogging recently as I've been distracted by other minor concerns. Good ones though! Been making new friends, which is always fun, and dealing with end-of-year stuff relating to my house and school and that sort of thing. I love the holiday season, but dislike how all my insurance payments, taxes, and school tuition fees seem to come due around the same time. Lots of paperwork, and lots of check-writing. If I may, I'd like to give a free plug to Paytrust, my online bill paying service. I've been using them for a couple of years now, and paying bills online is the only way to go. The level of service I have is $11 per month, which may sound like a lot at first, but when you consider that it includes the costs of processing, postage, and indefinite storage it's not a bad deal. I'd spent that much just on stamps and checks every month if I had to pay the old fashioned way, not to mention all the time it would take. (Note to Paytrust -- buy a blogad!)

Even with all the stuff in Ukraine I'm just not as excited about world events as I was last month. I don't know if anything will top November 2004! Well, I can think of a few things.... But anyway, December is shaping up to be pretty fine as well. My birthday is next week, The Day That Will Live In Infamy, and I'll be turning 27. Not a bad age, right? Time to start donating to SENS. Christmas and New Year's should be particularly fun, however, and I'm not feeling any of the common SADness that's apparently afflicting others so much that they need a map to track it. I'm hearty and optimistic! (Hm, it's a bit early for a looking-to-the-future-with-hope-and-nostalgia post.)

Anywho, thanks to everyone who's reading and linking to me. In a way you're not even the primary audience -- they haven't been born yet.



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