I've been thinking today... what if the Left really is smarter than the Right? Hey, it's possible; maybe individually leftists are smarter than rightists. Let's say that's true. Even still, the evidence of the past six decades demonstrates conclusively that the political ideas of the left are doomed to failure. Huh.

So what if it turns out to be the case that the same types of brains that create entertaining movies and books, craft fashion, and teach in universities also tend to come up with really bad political positions? Maybe people with those kinds of intelligences naturally arrive at solutions to political problems that just don't work. Maybe they are smarter than the rightists in some ways, but just not in this particular way.

Maybe no one type of person is physiologically capable of coming up with the right answers to every question. You know the types of people who are brilliant with math but can't write worth beans, and vice versa. Maybe politics fits into a similar mold, and for whatever reason the brilliant leftists who contribute all sorts of neat stuff to our society just stink at running our institutions.

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This brought a wry smile. The US electoral college results are here sorted by the average IQ in each state. Sources are given for checking purposes. A graphic is available... Read More



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