What type of evil genius are you? Keep in mind: we're not talking about super powers here. Just assume that you're ruthless, maniacal, and brilliant -- how would you focus your mental energies to Take Over The World?

A few sample archetypes:

Evil Billionaire -- You're fantastically wealthy and control powerful corporations.

Mad Scientist -- You have prodigious expertise in some realm of science. What would you choose? Genetics? Nuclear physics? Robotics? Geology?

Corrupt Politician -- A rare breed, you have attained high political office but wield public power for your own good rather than the good of your constituents.

Terrorist Mastermind -- You control a secretive global network of terrorist operatives.

Rogue General -- You're a rogue general or mercenary with your own private army.

Master of Deception -- You use psychology and the media to twist the minds of the population.

Or make up your own!



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