With regard to conservatives' distaste for the recent movie about Alfred Kinsey, John Hiscock and James Burleigh quote writer and director Bill Condon:

Bill Condon, writer and director, said protesters wanted to "pretend that the last 50 years didn't happen"[.]
No, it's not that we want to pretend the past didn't happen, it's that we can clearly see the damage caused by some of the choices made by our predecessors and we'd like to undo it. As for Dr. Kinsey, it's clear that the experiments he performed on children in the 1940s and 1950s would be considered sexual abuse by modern standards. The Kinsey Institute denies that his research and data were based on child abuse, but rather on anecdotal evidence (so it's not science at all?).

The only pretenders are those who think the decades-long experiment of unrestrained sexuality has been anything but a monumental disaster.



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