I'm super annoyed. When I get home from work I want to go inside and relax, I don't want to collect hundreds of papers from my front porch advertising products I could easily find for myself if I had any desire for them. If I want to buy a house, sell a house, install new windows, paint my house, order pizza, order chinese food, or vote for something I certainly don't need a door flyer to empower me. Normally I just leave the crap there and throw it away the next morning when I leave for work. I don't even like checking my mail when I get home, and most of that's crap too.

So when I got home tonight it was all dark (thanks a lot, winter) and my porch was littered with the typical garbage. I waded through it to my door and tried to stick the key in, but I couldn't. What the heck? Someone had the nerve to tape their ad to my door knob over the keyhole. I'm not even joking. Words cannot describe my irritation. Apparently some company is coming around painting address numbers on the curbs and they want me to pay them for it. Oh yeah? Well screw off.



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