Terrorist-sympathizing Canadian MP Carolyn Parrish has been sacked. Miss (I'm assuming) Parrish had previously been involved with heckling President Bush when he visited Canada, but she wasn't dismissed for publically derriding her nation's most important ally:

Ms. Parrish has refused to tone down her criticisms of Mr. Bush, who she has denounced as a "war-like" leader. But her most serious crime seems to have been rejecting the authority of her party's leader, saying Wednesday that Mr. Martin could "go to hell" if he didn't like her behaviour.

Her attitude received international attention when a photo of her stomping on a Bush doll, filmed as part of a This Hour has 22 Minutes episode, ran on the hugely popular Drudge Report.

Mr. Parrish has long been a thorn in the side of Liberals who want to rebuild ties with the United States. She called the countries contributing to U.S. efforts in Iraq a "coalition of the idiots" and was dismayed at the re-election of Mr. Bush.

She responded to Mr. Bush's election victory by saying that Americans had "reconfirmed [him] as their Commander-in-Chief, and he is a warlike man."

She was scolded then by Mr. Martin but she retorted that she would continue to speak her mind. But on Wednesday she went too far by shifting her criticism to the party's leadership.

"I have absolutely no loyalty to this team. None," she told Canadian Press.

"After what they've put me through and lots of my colleagues, they can all go to hell. But [Mr. Martin's] not going to control me, so all he's going to do is end up looking weak."

Mr. Martin could not, apparently, control her. But he could fire her.

It's about time someone started chilling speech and stifling dissent.



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