If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made out of meat? Sure, it sounds logical, but now we're not even supposed to eat fish! Not even fish tacos.

Called the Fish Empathy Project, the campaign reflects a strategy shift by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals as it challenges a diet component widely viewed as nutritious and uncontroversial.

"No one would ever put a hook through a dog's or cat's mouth," said Bruce Friedrich, PETA's director of vegan outreach. "Once people start to understand that fish, although they come in different packaging, are just as intelligent, they'll stop eating them."

Don't care. I'd eat dogs and cats if they tasted good.
"Fish are so misunderstood because they're so far removed from our daily lives," said Karin Robertson, 24, the Empathy Project manager and daughter of an Indiana fisheries biologist. "They're such interesting, fascinating individuals, yet they're so incredibly abused."
I don't misunderstand fish or any other animals -- I just like to eat them. After all, a cow is just dinner wrapped in shoes.

Actually, PETA might be able to do civilization a valuable service (and advance their own agenda) if they're willing to target their message primarily at fat people. They're the ones who eat the most animals, and they're the ones that could improve their health the most by obeying PETA's proclamations.



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