Joe Trippi, Howard Dean's old campaign manager, has an insightful look into the Democrats' tremendous loss on Tuesday -- and according to his math, it's not the kids' fault.

In the 2000 presidential election, George Bush received just over 50 million votes. At this writing, in 2004, he has received just about 59 million votes— 9 million more votes than he received in 2000.

What is stunning about this number is the simple fact that in the 2000 election, 105 million Americans went to the polls, and at this writing, 114 million votes have been cast in 2004 for President— a 9 million vote increase.

Simple math: A turn out increase of 9 million voters has translated into a 9 million vote increase in the number of votes for President Bush.

And he concludes with what should be a sobering realization for the Democratic Party:
No if we really want to find out what went wrong yesterday, it is time once for all for the organized Democratic Party to stare into a mirror and point at itself.
I hope he doesn't just mean that the Party should examine its tactics, but rather than the Democrats need to really evaluate their unpopular positions.



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