Now that the election is over we can get to the real news of the day... Halloween 2004!

Some exteriors of the haunted house; it was about 800 square feet, constructed in the driveway and front yard of my friends' house.

My lovely assistants.

More assistants, also lovely.

Vodka looks just like water.

It's nice and claustrophobic inside.

Here's the best shot I could get of one of the corridors... unfortunately this is before any real decorations were put up. I've got most of the electrical done, though.

Here are the decorations, pre-installation.

From the backyard. The dumpster gets full by the end.

This baby was pretty scary once we hung it, put in the fog, and attached a strobe.

I took more pictures at night, but they came out poorly. Lots more of my friends showed up later to help run the thing, but I was too busy to shoot much. The wind kicked up and made things difficult, but all-in-all it was a rather successful year.



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