Hm, I seem to remember another Civil War started by Democrats that didn't turn out too well for them, so I wonder why some leftists are so keen on the idea now? I mean, they're obviously going to be fighting against superior numbers -- at least 51 to 48, discounting Naderite pacifists -- and their opponents will be the ones with all the guns. Plus, y'know, the military favored President Bush 4 to 1, and they've got all sorts of nifty weapons.

Who does the left have? Well, Michael Moore, but zeppelins haven't been useful in war for decades. Maybe Whoopi will make crude jokes in our general direction? Maybe Margaret Cho will remove the UN-sealed bag from her head? I just don't think a battalion of solar-powered tanks with Al Gore at the head is going to be very effective. I guess the main thing we on the right should be worried about is that France and the UN will... uh...? Nevermind.

So to lefty secessionists I say: bring it on.

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