Abortion is a tough issue to take personally, considering the fact that if you're reading this you haven't been aborted and are in no danger of facing such a prospect. Abortion is the ultimate "it only affects other people" debate, since the only victims are unborn children. Because of this distance, the idea of abortion is repugnant to far more people that would be willing to ban it. Consider Australia:

Peter Costello said Monday laws governing abortions should be determined by state and territory governments, and tried to calm the waters by asking politicians speaking on the issue of abortion to do so with "care and understanding."

The issue arose recently when the federal health minister, deputy prime minister and other senior coalition members of parliament called for a reduction in the number of abortions, particularly late terminations.

The Australian Broadcasting Corp., said even the governor general made a rare political statement during the weekend, saying too many abortions are carried out in Australia and he would like to see the number reduced to zero.

Yeah, you know, it'd sure be nice if we could somehow reduce the number of babies murdered. No hurry though; it's not really an urgent matter since it doesn't affect us.



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