The House will consider yet another bill designed to punish people who injure unborn babies while in the process of committing a federal felony. Perhaps this time the Senate will follow suit.

WASHINGTON — The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday approved a bill that would make it a separate federal crime to kill or injure a fetus during an attack on a pregnant woman. Democrats on the panel called the legislation a thinly veiled attempt to erode abortion rights. ...

But Democrats and abortion rights groups said the real motive was to establish "fetal personhood" (search) by giving separate federal protection to a fertilized egg, embryo or fetus. "This is part of a larger cultural war that is going on," said Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, top Democrat on the committee.

The Democrats are right, of course. Just as attempts to continually tighten gun regulations are part of the grander plan to eliminate gun ownership entirely, laws aimed at granting legal personhood to unborn babies are part of a larger plan as well. For political reasons people on both sides of both issues take a lot of different postures, but I think everyone knows what's going on.

There is a cultural war going on over abortion, and laws such as this are designed to take advantage of weaknesses in the pro-abortion argument. Abortions of convenience are losing acceptance -- even among women -- and pro-lifers are slowly winning with commonsense proposals like this and the partial-birth abortion ban.

Note also:

California and nearly 30 other states have laws giving different degrees of protection to fetal victims.
If the Supreme Court doesn't revisit Roe v. Wade there will eventually be a Constitutional Amendment allowing states to regulate abortion like other forms of killing. This doesn't mean every state will outlaw abortion immediately, but they'll be able to make that decision on their own, just as each state defines and regulates murder without interference from the federal government.



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